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50 Best Pickup Lines to Post on Social Media Full of Humor..

-I'm so single that i can't even spell relajonshep..

2-Before calling me ugly, make sure your foundation matches your neck's color.

3-I never understand how people find their soulmate, I can't even find pair of my socks.

4-i’m lacking vitamin c-ash

5-My hair decides when to look good,not me🙄

6-5 Signs of laziness

1 .

7-They beg us to subscribe their channel and now they calling us fans 🙄

8-I am glad this June is not juning like the other Junes juned.

9-Only a trip to Northern areas can fix me

10-I wana quit my job and travel, but how will i travel if
i quit my job ??
Do you see my issue ??

11-I am fast learner with a short term memory loss.

12-Stop asking me what i wanna do after my degree i don’t KNOW man i don’t know. someone told me to go to uni so i went. that’s all i know

13-Speaking english is easier when you talk in frunt of those who don't undarstand..

14-Spend 11 years to improve our handwriting and now we're using keyboard.

15-I hate people who use deep English just to make us feel intoxicated by exuberance of verbosity betaprutal contraption

16-Hostelite life is too hard , one minute you're rich, the next minute... you are mathematician 🤡

17-At this age of my life I am only interested in food

18-I just need likes,iphone13 pro max, ice cream, dairy milk, a trip to a hill station and 500 crore !!

19-7.5 billion people in this world and I woke up with zero good morning texts

20-Some people stay longer in toilet then in relationship

21-My face produces more oil than any other Arab country.

22-Sometimes I think how lucky are my friends that they've got a beautiful soul like me

23-I'm stuck between i need to save money and you only live once 🙄

24-Don't compare yourself with others.everyone is better then you.
okay by

25-Hostel life teaches you how to spend 14000 in 4 days and survive remaining 26 days with 1000

26-Me: *stares at my selfie until it turns ugly*
Me: i knew it

30-With your current account balance,
where can you travel to??

31-Sorry for not posting too much these days .i'm in love . I will be back when i'm heartbroken. Bye lonely people 😂😂

32-After 3 months of drinking hot lemon water with honey .
I lost 1 kg honey & 5 kg lemon

33-I overthink to convince my brain not to overthink..

34-Stop inviting me to like your page ..🙏
Invite me for dinner 😂🤣

35-Is it only me or y’all are sleeping in installments these days??

36-I wana sleep for a whole week 🤣

37-Wtf is wrong with people watching tiktok videos in public without earphones

38-All I spend money on is food & clothes but I'm still hungry & can't find nothing to wear.

39-Selling my degree. Still in good condition.Never been used.

40-I never told my mom about my headache, because i already know the answer.

41-A in my name stands for
'Always hungry'

42-Some of us are very fine but our phone camera is not so good !!

43-2 years ago, this week was our last normal week of life

44-You can defeat me in maths & science .
But in English you is go home .. disspossible😎

45-Can't wait to be financially stable ,From last 15 years.

46-Why the phone ring longer when u ignoring the call 🙄

47-What am i doing??
Paying for unlimited calls & messages, but talking to no one.

48-"Who hurt you'?
Myself bro, I make horrible decisions.

49-Imagine your phone falls under the bed at night, and someone gives back to you

50-If your parents saw your chat with your friends, you will be homeless. 🤣

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