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14 Most Famous foods in Pakistan | Pakistan Famous Food | Articles Hive



Pakistan is known for its food. From the streets to the homes, food is an important part of Pakistani culture. There are different types of Pakistani delecious foods, it’s hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the 14 most popular foods in Pakistan. From well-known dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala to lesser-known ones like Nihari, there is something for everyone on this list. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi is one of the most popular Pakistani dishes and is commonly made with chicken, tomatoes, and onion. It is a dry dish that is typically served with rice or roti.


Nihari is a traditional Pakistani dish made with slow-cooked beef or lamb shanks. The meat is cooked in a mixture of spices and herbs until it is fall-off-the-bone tender. Nihari is often served with naan bread or rice and a side of yogurt or raita.

❍ Daleem

Daleem is one of the most popular dishes in Pakistan, and for good reason! This rich and flavorful stew is made with wheat, meat (usually beef or lamb), and a variety of spices, and is slow-cooked to perfection. It's traditionally served with naan bread or rice, and can be garnished with green onions, cilantro, and lemon.

❍ Mutton Biryani

Mutton Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in Pakistan. It is a rice dish that is usually made with lamb or mutton, but can also be made with chicken or beef. The dish is often served with raita (a yogurt-based sauce), and is typically garnished with fried onions, boiled eggs, and green chilies.

❍ Aloo Gosht

Aloo Gosht is a popular Pakistani dish made with potatoes and meat. The meat that is mostly used in alo gosht is Mutton, Chiken,Lamb & Beef. It is a hearty and filling dish that is often served with rice or roti. Aloo Gosht is typically cooked in a curry style with various spices, making it a flavorful and tasty meal.

❍ Chicken Tikka

Pakistan is home to a variety of delicious foods, and chicken tikka is one of the most popular dishes. This traditional dish is made by marinating chicken in a mixture of spices and yogurt, then grilling or baking it. The result is a succulent, flavorful chicken that can be enjoy on its own or with rice and naan bread. Chicken tikka is a staple of Pakistani cuisine, and can be found on the menus of restaurants across the country.

❍ Seekh Kabab

Seekh kababs are a hugely popular dish in Pakistan, and for good reason! These grilled skewers of minced meat are absolutely delicious, and can be made with beef, lamb, or chicken. The meat is seasoned with spices like cumin, paprika, and garam masala, and then grilled to perfection. Serve seekh kababs with some naan bread and chutney for a complete meal.

❍ Naan

There are many different types of naan, but the most popular is plain naan. It is made from flour, water, yeast, and salt, and is cooked in a tandoor (clay oven). Naan can also be made with milk, eggs, or ghee (clarified butter), and sometimes has nigella seeds or poppy seeds sprinkled on top.

Naan is usually served with curry, but can also be used to mop up sauces or gravies. It is a very versatile bread that can be eaten in many different ways.

❍ Samosa

Samosa is a fried or baked pastry with a mixture filling, of potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, noodles, or minced meat.  They are now found in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. In Pakistan, samosas are usually triangular in shape and can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The most common fillings are potato and ground meat.

❍ Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is a type of Indian dessert that is made from milk solids, flour, and ghee. It is often served with a sweet syrup or sauce, and it can be garnished with nuts or dried fruit. Gulab jamun is a popular dessert in Pakistan, and it is often served at weddings and other special occasions.

❍ Jalebi

Jalebi is a popular Pakistani sweet that is made by deep frying maida flour batter in circular shapes and then soaking them in sugar syrup. It is often served with Rabri, a thickened sweetened milk.

❍ Kheer

Kheer is a traditional Pakistani dessert made with milk, rice, sugar, and nuts. It is often flavored with cardamom, saffron, or rose water. Kheer is typically served during festivals and celebrations.

❍ Falooda

Falooda is a traditional Pakistani dessert that is made with a variety of ingredients, including vermicelli noodles, milk, cream, and fruit. It is often garnished with almonds, pistachios, and rose water. Falooda is a popular dessert during the hot summer months and is typically served chilled.

❍ Ras Malai

Ras malai is a popular dessert in Pakistan that consists of balls of cottage cheese floating in sweetened milk. The balls are made from scratch using a simple recipe of milk, flour, and baking soda. The finished product is then soaked in a mixture of condensed milk and heavy cream.

This delicious dessert is often served at weddings and other special occasions. It is also a popular choice for Eid celebrations.

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