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A Canadian university is one of the best places to learn. The ranking of Canadian universities is not only determined by their academic performance but also by the achievements of their students and graduates. It's important to know that Canada has some of the best universities in the world, especially when it comes to research. Let's take a look at which universities rank among the top 10 in Canada:

University of Toronto

University of Toronto is a public research university in Ontario, Canada. It was founded  in 1827 as King's College by royal charter & the 1st institution of higher learning in the colony of Upper Canada. The university currently comprises 36 colleges and schools organized into four faculties. The central administration for the university resides at St Michael’s College at 100 St Mary Street, which is located right next to UFT's main campus and property. This building also houses several administrative offices including those for Undergraduate Admissions and Registrar Services

❍ McGill University

McGill University is known public research university in Quebec, Canada. It was established on May 18, 1821 by royal charter, granted by King George IV of the United Kingdom. The institution was modelled on the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow (and its medical college), as well as Canadian colonial colleges at Halifax and Prince Edward Island.

As Canada's oldest institution of higher learning (and one of North America's first), McGill has played an important role in developing both Canadian culture and identity. Its influence has been felt across all fields from science and engineering to business administration to music to athletics and it is one of only two universities outside Europe that belong to an elite group.

❍ University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the top universities in Canada and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. UBC has been ranked as a top university in Canada since 2018. It is also one of the highest-ranked universities worldwide, placing 52nd overall amongst all universities worldwide.

UBC offers undergraduate degrees across all disciplines including arts and sciences, law, medicine, forestry and agriculture to name a few. They also offer graduate degrees in business administration (MBA), education (Master's degree), engineering (MEng), public health (MPH) and medicine (MD).

The academic reputation at UBC has been ranked by QS World University Rankings as 11th best for life sciences/medicine; 25th best for clinical medicine & pharmacy; 41st best for social science; 33rd best for arts & humanities; 31st best for natural science & mathematics; 22nd best globally among young institutions under 50 years old (35th globally if you include both young institutions under 50 years old plus those over 50 years old); 13th globally among young institutions under 50 years old with an enrollment between 15000 - 25000 students per year

❍ McMaster University

McMaster University is famous for public research university in Canada ,Ontario. The main campus is located on  (300 acres) of land near with the neighbor hoods' in Ainslie Wood and Westvale.

In addition to its main campus in Hamilton, McMaster owns and operates several major academic facilities elsewhere in Ontario:

McMaster University Medical Centre (MUHC)

◆ McMaster Divinity College

❍ The University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario (commonly referred to as Western or Uwe stern) is a public research university in London, Ontario, Canada. The main campus is located on 467 hectares (1,160 acres) of land, surrounded by residential neighborhood's and the Thames River bisecting the campus' northern portion.

Western's varsity teams compete in the Ontario University Athletics conference of U Sports.

❍ Queen's University at Kingston

Queen's University at Kingston is known as public research university in Canada. Queen's main campus is located on Queen's Park, the southern edge of Kingston. The university is organized into 10 graduate, undergraduate & professional faculties and main schools.

❍ Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is a public research university located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and it is the oldest English-language university in Atlantic Canada. It has over 18,000 students and 2,200 faculty members across its 11 schools and faculties. The university was granted a royal charter in 1818 by King George III to establish an institution for higher education at Halifax with a civil engineering school attached to it.

Originally founded as "Dalhousie College" on May 21st 1818, the institution changed its name several times before becoming Dalhousie University in 1925. In addition to the main campus located in downtown Halifax near Citadel Hill National Historic site (Fort George), there are campuses located throughout Nova Scotia including Truro (Halifax area), Amherst(Cape Breton Island) New Glasgow (Annapolis Valley area) Sydney Mines(Argyle Shore region). The current president of Dalhousie University is Dr Mila Sangha

❍ Universität Laval

Universität Laval is a public university in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It has thirteen faculties and three affiliated schools, with its main campus on the slopes of Cap Diamant overlooking Quebec City. Some of its buildings are built on the Plains of Abraham. The university offers more than 275 undergraduate and graduate programs (including 46 at the doctoral level) and has an enrollment of more than 30,000 students—29 percent female and 71 percent male.

It is ranked 1st in Canada by Maclean's magazine for 2015 and was also ranked #1 in 2014 by Times Higher Education as one of the world’s most international universities

❍ University of Montreal

The University of Montreal (French: Universität de Montréal) is a public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established as a French-speaking institution by the Commission des écoles séparées in 1852. The school became an English-language one in 1873 despite continued challenges from French President Macdonald's government who feared that anglophone schools would undermine Quebec's unique culture and language. The university was founded on 28 March 1878, making it Canada's oldest institution of higher learning and largest center for French-speaking studies outside France.

❍ University of Alberta

 Location: Edmonton, Canada

University of Alberta was established in 1908 after the province of Alberta was created from part of the Northwest Territories. The University of Alberta is one of the oldest public universities in Canada, having been founded in 1908. It has since grown to become one of the largest and most respected educational institutions in North America.
Student population: more than 50,000 students
Faculty: 4,000 faculty members (including professors) and teaching staff are employed at the university

❍ Conclusion

University of British Columbia, McGill University, and Université Laval are all ranked in the top 10 universities in Canada. These three institutions are known for high academic standards and a rich culture of research. They also have campuses in other cities across the country including Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver.

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